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Raymundo Ribota

Raymundo has worked in scientific research, public health and environmental advocacy, as well as teaching in higher ed. He recently came back home to Colorado after studying at the University of Wyoming College of Law where he received his law degree and served as President of the law school’s Multicultural Law Student Association.

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Ronald Bernard, a nurse anesthetist, worked at an ortho surgical clinic administering anesthesia.  In 2017, he was terminated after he admitted he was using Fentanyl, an opiate-based narcotic, at work.  Mr. Bernard’s employer stated his performance was satisfactory and had no performance...

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In 2016, Stephen Hamer, filed legal action against the City of Trinidad, CO for violation of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and § 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (“RA”).  Mr. Hamer claimed the city discriminated against him and subjected him to hazardous conditions...

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why you need an ssa attorney-
Why do you need an attorney on your Social Security disability claim? Many people think that winning...
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Ussama A. Mando sought judicial review of the Commissioner of Social Security’s decision that he was not “disabled” under the Social Security Act. Mr. Mando and the Commissioner consented to proceed before a U.S. Magistrate Judge. Mr. Mando disagreed with the Administrative Law Judge’s (“ALJ”)...
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Ms. Norma Jean Garza filed suit against the Social Security Administration in the federal District Court of New Mexico to reverse an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)’s decision denying her social security disability benefits. Ms. Garza’s application for social security disability benefits was...

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A plaintiff appealed his case to United States District Court in Kansas to reverse an administrative decision denying him Social Security Disability insurance benefits. The administrative hearing was conducted in 2018 after the application was denied a year earlier. The administrative law...

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