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Social Security Disability Insurance Attorneys

Let RMDLG represent you in your Social Security disability Federal appeal

If your case is denied by the Social Security Appeals Council, then it is ready for Federal appeal.  This is accomplished by filing an appeal in the federal district court in the state where you live.  Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group is one of a small number of law firms that are specialized in Social Security Disability federal appeals.

 The work is hard and the fight can be long, but RMDLG is committed to representing claimants until they either win or have exhausted their legal remedies.  In the case of Social Security disability appeals, the Appeals Council is only a “final agency decision” making the case “ripe” for court review.  Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group handles nearly 100 Social Security disability federal appeals each year and we boast a very high success rate.  Our lawyers stay current on the law and are thought leaders in our field.  This is one of the reasons so many people trust RMDLG with their Social Security disability federal appeals.

RMDLG lawyers also go to great pains to keep our clients and the general public informed on changes in the law regarding Social Security disability federal appeals.  We feel that too few claimants know about their legal right to review by a federal court.  According to the Social Security Administrations internal figures, fewer than 20 percent of claims that could be reviewed by the federal courts, ever get that level of due process.

This is why RMDLG appeals nearly every case that the Appeals Council denies to the federal courts.  Our law firm represents a substantial percentage of the Social Security Disability Appeals currently active in the District of Colorado.  Our goal in this endeavor is to positively affect the law for our clients and Social Security claimants generally.  The attorneys at RMDLG believe you deserve to have someone on your side that is willing to persevere for you and your claim.  So, call us today to get started on your Social Security disability federal appeal.

Who should you have handle your Social Security Disability Federal Appeal

If your Social Security disability claim is denied at the hearing level and then by the Appeals Council, your case is ...

Who should you have handle your Social Security Disability Federal Appeal

Denver-federal-courthouseIf your Social Security disability claim is denied at the hearing level and then by the Appeals Council, your case is ready for Social Security federal district court review.  RMDLG’s disability attorneys have placed a big focus on federal court review, which distinguishes us from most attorneys in Colorado and the country.  According to the Social Security Administration, fewer than *20 percent of cases that were eligible for federal court review in 2010 were ever filed.  

However, of those 20 percent, federal judges found reversible ALJ error in 49 percent of cases.*  Many claimants simply give up and many social security disability attorney have chosen to avoid this va disability appeal success rate area of practice, perhaps because it is time-consuming and requires the attorney to study and remain familiar with current trends in case law.  

The social security disability attorneys at RMDLG welcome this challenge and have filed more than 50 district court cases in the past 18 months. So, if you are notified that the Appeals Council has denied review of your Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) decision and your current attorney does not agree to represent you at the federal district court, please call us for a free consultation.  As with all Social Security cases, we will not charge you a fee unless and until you win.  So call us at 303-534-1958 and get started today.

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