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In many cases when an individual dies, the individual’s pets are surrendered to shelters. In other cases, pets are distributed to whoever receives other possessions of the deceased individual. With estate planning, however, individuals are frequently able to craft statements concerning exactly what...

3 Minutes Read

Many younger individuals believe that they do not need living wills because they are young and healthy. Despite the invulnerable feeling of youth experienced by many individuals, there is still the unfortunate possibility that a young person could fall ill or become seriously injured and require...

2 Minutes Read

As a family business begins to plan for its longevity, a buyers/sellers agreement can play a very critical role. These agreements provide a thorough description of how ownership will transfer at the time of the death or incapacity of the business’s owner. While buy-sell agreements provide a deal...

2 Minutes Read

Each year during the spring and summer, many individuals take vacations to the beach, ski slopes, or various foreign locations. During the trip planning process for many people, not enough consideration is made for various estate planning concerns. Instead, individuals focus on budgeting time and...

3 Minutes Read

In a recent case of severe abuse of power of attorney against a vulnerable adult, a man was sentenced to four years in prison. The individual pleaded guilty to stealing more than $600,000 from his mother who has acute dementia and had no way to understand that her son was taking the money. The man...

3 Minutes Read

How the state of Colorado treats terminal illness with the new end-of-life law is about to change significantly which results in a substantial change to estate planning. The End of Life Options Act was certified by Governor Hickenlooper at the end of 2016. This law makes it legal for terminally...

3 Minutes Read

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