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VA Disability Benefit's Appeals

by Joe Whitcomb / June 7, 2017

In March of 2017, the Government Accountability Office released a report titled “VA Disability Benefits: Additional Planning Would Enhance Efforts to Improve the Timelines of Appeals Decisions”. This report addresses the Veteran Administration efforts to reform the appeals process by focusing on potential improvements to the Board of Veterans Appeals. The Government Accountability Office’s report was critical of the process related to appeals for VA disability benefits attempts to implement changes to the appeal process. According to the Veteran Administration, in 2015 more than 417,000 appeals were pending before the agency. These appeals tend to take a significant amount of time to resolve with the average case taking three years before a decision was issued. If you are a veteran who requires this type of assistance, do not hesitate to contact our law firm.

Appeals & VA Disability Benefits

The Veterans Benefits Administration pays disability benefits to veterans who develop disabling conditions while serving in the military. If the Administration denies individual benefits, individuals have the option to appeal the Administration’s decision.

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Results of the Study

The Government Accountability Office examine the appeals process and found that additional planning would increase efforts to improve the timeliness of appeals decision. In particular, the Government Accountability Office’s report recommends that the Veteran Administration perform several essential steps. One step involves timelier workforce planning and creating a strategy for assessing process reform among other steps. The Accountability Office determined that one of the significant problems for the Office is the existence of outdated technology. It should be noted that the report noted that the Veteran Administration had made positive efforts so far to remedy these problems and the Accountability Office believes that the Administration has correctly identified the issues that require improvement.

The Role of Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses

Veterans who are granted benefits have a broad range of benefits available to them ranging from Veteran's Administration pension benefits, compensation benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and even grants for vehicles, housing, and equipment. Another type of benefit is service disabled veteran owned businesses. In order to classify. A business that aspires to fall into this classification must be at least 51% owned by an individual who can be considered by the government as a service disabled veteran. A veteran is an individual who served in the active armed forces and was not dishonorably discharged. In order to be considered service disabled, an individual must have received an injury or disease in the course of military service. The disability also must not have been caused by the veteran’s misconduct or abuse of either alcohol or drugs.

Why Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group's (RMDLG) Seasoned Legal Counsel Can Help


RMDLG is a specialized division of Whitcomb, Selinsky, & McAuliffe, PC. It is one of the few laws firms that are dedicated to helping veterans in the state of Colorado and the rest of the United States. The firm’s founding member is a veteran of the United States, our legal counsel understands the various challenges that veterans face. For veterans who require legal assistance for appeals & VA disability benefits, it is often a wise idea to contact experienced legal counsel. Do not hesitate to contact our skilled lawyers today or call us at (866) 476-4558.

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