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Joe Whitcomb

Joe Whitcomb
Joe Whitcomb is the founder and president of Whitcomb, Selinsky, PC (WSM). In addition, he manages the firm and heads up the Government Procurement and International Business Transactions Law sections. As a result of his military service as a U.S. Army Ranger and as a non-commissioned officer in the Air Force, he learned mission accomplishment. While serving in the Air Force, he earned his Bachelor’s in Social Sciences and a Master’s in International Relations. His Master’s emphasis was on National Security and International Political Economics. After his military career, Joe attended law school at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Recent Posts

Is Department of Veterans Affairs Fixing the Backlog or Covering Up? The Department of Veterans Affairs has received national attention over the past few months for its deceptive practices with respect to health care treatment.  As that issue continues to enrage and sadden, the office is again...

3 Minutes Read

The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs is under pressure and increased scrutiny.  The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has received a fair amount of negative press lately. At the Whitcomb, Selinsky Law PC and its sister firm, the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, we have been focusing...

2 Minutes Read

A recent case, Moffit v. Shinseki (February 14, 2014), was a claim for enhanced dependency based on a hypothetical entitlement. The claimant’s husband was a veteran of the US Army, who served from 1944 through 1946 and served and was wounded in WWII.  He filed for and won 100 percent disability...

5 Minutes Read

Do you think you have a Clear and Unmistakable Error Claim (CUE) with the Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims (CAVC)? A CUE (motion is a collateral attack on a final RO or Board decision. Disabled Am. Veterans v. Gober, 234 F.3d 682, 696–98 (Fed.Cir.2000).

4 Minutes Read

In a recent Social Security disability case, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) erred in returning the claimant to past relevant work performed under special conditions. “When the SSA determines whether an individual is disabled for SSDI purposes, it does not take the possibility of 'reasonable...

3 Minutes Read

You fought for your country. Let me fight for your veterans benefits. Joe Whitcomb's first fight for veterans disability benefits was his own.  When he was medically separated from service back in 2005, he did not anticipate running into difficulty getting his veterans benefits, but that is...

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