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Disability Law Group

The Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group has represented thousands of claimants before the Social Security Administration. We also help Veterans with combat or service-related injuries obtain benefits from the Veteran’s Administration.

The partnership was founded by attorney Joseph Whitcomb to provide legal representation for claimants applying for disability benefits through the Social Security (SSDI/SSI) and the Veterans’ Administrations (VA).

Applying for disability benefits can be extremely frustrating and confusing. Disability claimants can be denied many times and never receive benefits with professional legal help. The Social Security Administration acknowledges that approximately 75% of initial claims are denied.  Many claims are denied because of the confusing and difficult application process. Over the years, we have heard from many Americans that they simply gave up after receiving their initial denial. They have also been confused by the perpetual paperwork required to obtain benefits. Having a disability benefits lawyer on your side can help make sure your disability claim is completed properly and that all deadlines are met. Most importantly, we won’t let you give up the fight for your rights!

The Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group serves our clients from the beginning of the disability claim process through the award of benefits.

  • We will help you file your disability application –
  • Guide you through the initial process –
  • Appeal your initial denial to an administrative law judge –
  • Or take your claim all the way to Federal District Court if need be –

Our commitment is to make the process of applying for disability benefits as easy on you as possible. If you are unable to work due to a physical or mental condition, or both, we understand that you have enough of a burden already on your shoulders. Let us help ease the task and confusion of applying for disability benefits, which can be cumbersome and overwhelming to those already dealing with the difficulties of their conditions.

At Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, our goal is to win your case as fast as possible. Our commitment is to giving you the personalized service necessary to ensure your case is fully developed at all stages of the disability application process. Whether you are thinking of applying for disability benefits, are waiting to see a judge about your case, or have been denied by a judge, e-mail or call us today and let us help you with your Social Security Disability or Veterans’ disability claim.

And remember, there are no fees unless and until we win your disability benefits case!


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