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Debtors, Paul E. Allen and Kelli D. Allen sued Capital One Bank to obtain the return of Mr. Allen’s garnished wages under an avoidable preference theory. After the wages were returned two weeks later, the Allens amended their complaint alleging Capital One willfully violated the automatic stay...

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 The COVID-19 pandemic has caused increases in unemployment, businesses to shut down, bankruptcies, and additional stresses to the real estate market.  Clay Dudley brought a Motion for Additional Time to Purchase New Residential Homestead because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  He sold his Homestead...

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There are different types of bankruptcy protection and they are known by their chapter numbers in the Bankruptcy Code, or the law that covers bankruptcy. What most people typically think of as bankruptcy is Chapter 7. This is called a “liquidation” bankruptcy: your property is sold, your...

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